Wardrobe Detox Service


This service is where I get to know you and your existing wardrobe, enabling us to get the best results from the Personal Shopping Experience.

My Wardrobe Detox Service sets out to achieve the following results:

  • After completing an online survey, we will discover where you are with your current style today, your style preferences and how we can make adjustments to improve your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Organise, declutter and edit your wardrobe so you can access your clothing, shoes and accessories quickly and easily, saving you precious time everyday.
  • Maximise your existing wardrobe so you look and feel amazing in everything you wear.
  • You will have a style lookbook on your phone/tablet so you can save time when getting dressed for any occasion.
  • Help you to understand which styles and colours suit your shape and personality, teaching you what works and why.
  • By the end of this service you will look great and feel successful whilst having a clearer understanding of the brands, styles and colours you need to focus on in the future.

From here, the next step is the Personal Shopping Experience 


To find out how you can have a more stylish and confident future, please visit the contact page for further information.