Top Tips for Decluttering Your Wardrobe

If there was ever an excuse to clear out and declutter your wardrobe, it’s January! A New Year, a fresh start and the chance to review your current wardrobe situation and how it’s working (or not working) for you.

So whether you’re saying goodbye to last year’s workwear or you’re looking to create some space so you can invest in some new, effortless styles with my help, here are my top tips for decluttering your wardrobe:

1. If it doesn’t fit you, don’t keep it! (I know it’s hard)

As a Personal Stylist I get a glimpse into many of my clients’ wardrobes and one thing I’ve noticed is that there can often be a temptation to cling onto those mistake buys. For instance, this could be a style that in an ideal world you’d like to fit into, but deep down you know it’s not very ‘you’ and it won’t suit your shape or work for your skin tone. For people focusing on weightloss or a diet/exercise programme this is perfectly understandable, but what I would say is seeing these smaller styles in your wardrobe everyday and knowing you may not be able to fit into them comfortably at that time for whatever reason, may have a negative impact on the way you feel.

So, if you have any items that no longer fit you and they’re using up precious space in your wardrobe, either sell them on selling sites like eBay or Depop, donate them to charity or give them to someone you know  such as a family member or friend. This will make you feel better in the long term and if you go down the selling route, you can also use this money to buy pieces that do fit your shape and suit you in every possible way – result!

If you are planning on losing weight or you know your shape is going to change due to pregnancy for example, pop the items you want to keep into a storage bag and put them under your bed or in a spare cupboard so they can’t influence the way you feel about yourself every time you look in your wardrobe – I promise it will make a big difference!

2. Take everything out of your wardrobe 

When I do a Wardrobe Detox with any of my clients I will look at each and every piece in their wardrobe so I can understand their style and also visualise how their clothing, shoes and accessories can all work together as individual looks and outfits. If you’re often forgetting what you have in your wardrobe, take everything out and lay everything on the bed. That way, you can sort your wardrobe out into the following piles: Yes, No and Maybe! Once you’ve followed this process, you will be able to see that the styles in the ‘Yes’ pile are styles you love and feel confident in. By seeing the items you love, you’ll be able to see that you don’t need to purchase more of these items on your next shopping trip, as most of my clients often want to repeat buy their favourite things as opposed to trying something new.

3. Deal with the dreaded ‘Maybe’ and ‘No’ pile

So, you’ve figured out the styles you love but what about the styles you’re unsure about? With the ‘No’ pile I would be as strict as possible and if you haven’t worn those items in the past 6 months to a year, I’d consider parting ways with those items and either donating them to charity or selling them to make way for some new styles! If it’s in your ‘Maybe’ pile I would recommend keeping these items for a further 3 months and if you still haven’t worn them or you’ve completely forgotten about them, I’d take that as a sign that you no longer need these pieces in your life, or your wardrobe!

4. Sell the items you’ve splurged on and never worn

Are you struggling to know what to do with that designer piece you splurged on but you never wear or use? Websites like Vestiare Collective are ideal for selling more costly pieces as if the item sells, they take a small percentage as a selling fee and the rest of the funds will be transferred directly to you. Or perhaps you’d like to give back to a more charitable cause? Why not consider donating a designer piece to Worn By Us as they donate 70% of the overall selling fee to selected charities so you’re having a good clear out and donating to a great cause in the process. Both of these sites are also great for snapping up a designer bargain but as we’re on the subject of detoxing, that’s maybe a tip for another day!

5. Consider re-organising your wardrobe into outfits 

The biggest problem many of my clients face is that they don’t really know what exists in the deepest, darkest depths of their wardrobes. So once you’ve piled all of your clothes onto the bed so you can see everything clearly, consider putting your key pieces from your ‘Yes’ pile into outfits and hang them up in order so if you’re in a rush for work or you’re heading out for dinner, you can grab an outfit with accessories, throw it on and off you go! An example of this is to hang a necklace over the hanger of a top you’d usually wear it with for ease, so you don’t waste time thinking how to put a full look together.

6. Hire a Personal Stylist like me to do the hard work for you!

If you don’t have the time, the energy or the know-how to sort out your wardrobe, why not use my help? During my Wardrobe Detox Service I’ll help you to have a really great clear out, leaving your wardrobe in pristine condition – see the before and after results below!

This is also a great way to use my expertise and pick up some new outfit ideas, learn more about the colours and styles that suit you and best of all, this will give you more direction when shopping in the future, helping you to look your best whilst saving time and money! So, if you’re looking to feel happy and more confident in what you wear every single day, take a look at what my Wardrobe Detox Service has to offer here.

I hope this has been helpful, feel free to share any other tips you have in the comments below!

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