Stylish Bedroom Storage Ideas


Whether you’re due to revamp your bedroom completely or you’d like to update your boudoir with some fresh new storage to save space, I’ve been hunting down the most stylish bedroom storage ideas so you can keep your clothing, shoes and accessories neat and tidy whilst adding some serious wow-factor.

Here are some of my favourite bedroom storage ideas (images all sourced via Pinterest):

Bedside TableĀ 

I absolutely love this idea for a bedside table. It’s chic enough to hold a lamp, your favourite book and any other essentials you need to grab quickly whilst you can use the spaces underneath to store boxes of accessories such as scarves, belts and jewellery.


Jewellery Storage

Fed up of searching for that necklace you love that’s all tangled up in a mess in THAT drawer you’re too scared to open? (We all have a drawer like that I’m sure!) I love this idea of screwing little hooks onto twigs and branches and hanging them from the wall, that way you can see all your jewels whilst they won’t get damaged elsewhere.


Beauty Storage

The thing I don’t like about makeup bags is that the fabrics of most makeup bags can get stained really easily. I like to keep my makeup and beauty products in clear acrylic boxes like this so I can see everything clearly and decide on what colours I might like to wear on my lips/cheeks. These storage boxes are also easy to clean with face wipes too, winner! You can buy lots of storage boxes like this on eBay or Muji.


Shoe Storage

I spotted this shoe storage idea on Pinterest and I love it! If you’re a lover of practical footwear such as trainers this tower of crates is such a great idea as you can see every pair of trainers you own in all their glory before you leave the house. Not sure this would work as well with heels as they may fall down the gaps but for trainers and boots I think this would be fab and would add an edge to any cool and quirky home. I’d also imagine this would be pretty cheap to create too!


Scarf Storage

One of my clients showed me a bag of scarves that she never wears because they were hidden at the back of her wardrobe so something like this is perfect if you need to see your accessories so you remember to wear them. This has literally been created with some wooden pegs, wire and a block of wood so perhaps this is a great little project for you to try at the weekend! I’m sure you could use one of these to hang bra’s and cami tops too!


Open Clothes Rail

The danger with some wardrobes is that you can’t always see what options you have when putting an outfit together. Having an open clothes rail allows you to see exactly which items you have to wear, making sure you get maximum usage out of all the items in your wardrobe. If you have a spare room, it might be an idea to set up a rail that you can use for coats so you reduce the number of bulky items in your main wardrobe, allowing you to see what you have more easily.


Drawer Storage

If money was no object I’m sure ladies across the globe would be investing in a walk-in-wardrobe but if you don’t have that luxury, why not invest in amazing drawers like this? The clear edges allow you to see what’s in each drawer and the neat jewellery section allows you to see what accessories you have so you can get dressed and accessorise in an instant!


I hope this post has been useful – what’s your best bedroom storage tip?

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